So…here we go…
Welcome to my world! My wish…one of my dreams come true…

I guess these are some of the most fitting words I could use to introduce you to this website of mine. But let me tell you more about the story behind it.

The way to this dream come true might already have started in my childhood in some way. The day when I got my very first camera: My First Communion. In these days, when you still had to get a film developed and it wasn't possible to just take hundreds of photos and delete all the shit afterwards… In these days I got the possibility to gain very first experiences in photography. But well, in these days it hadn't been more, than just playing around with my new »toy«. Of course! I was a child! Children's life is there to play…and learn.!!

As unconscious in learning as in these childhood's days my way went on in my teenager years as well.
It was in 2005 when I wanted more for the first time. One second step into the right direction. I learned about digital photography through getting my first digital camera: A Lumix Panasonic DMC-FX8.
I still own this camera. It was definitely a really good choice for first digital experiences. And I still remember, I was impressed by it's results when I used it at one first concert. Hey, I never hold a camera with zoom lens in my hands before. So I had to be impressed!

However, in 2008 it wasn't enough for me anymore. 5Mbyte and 3x optical zoom is very nice. But technology develops very fast. And so I also recognized that there must be more to get. I got my second Lumix Panasonic. The DMC-TZ5, which had even 12 Mbytes and 10x optical zoom now. The next three years and lots of concerts using it, approved my choice. The difference showed up significantly.

While these overall six years of digital photography experiences, the dream I mentioned at the first lines slowly emerged and then increased fast immediately. The dream of raising the level to professional concert photography. I always admired these »big photographers« doing breathtaking shots. I was amazed watching these photos on which you can see every single emotion of a gig,…of a musician and his audience. I mean…it's just a photo. A snapshot in time. But when you watch photos of real photography artists, you can feel it's more. You can feel the concert's aura without standing in the audience yourself. And that's it! That's what I admired and always wanted to do for myself… One day…eventually…

To be honest I wouldn't have believed you if you told me I got the chance to do it in 2011, when I started dreaming that dream.
But now I am here, writing these words to introduce myself to you, who are going to watch my very own »more like professional concert photography« today. It's quite amazing!

And though I know I am still learning - of course! - and no really professional photographer by training, I am kinda proud.

But to end my story…
In spring 2011 I hold my very first SLR camera in my hands. It was my father's and this was the moment I knew, I wouldn't be able to resist any longer. I got my own. My first own SLR camera: A Canon EOS 60D.
It took just four unbelievably short months more until I got my first chance to take photos with it while a concert. It came up totally unexpected. Just on the day of the concert, I got the message I was allowed to bring my camera with me. It WAS a dream come true…
At this point I wanna thank Lord Of The Lost for this first ever chance.

Since this day in September 2011, I got some more chances. And there are more to follow in the future. I hope for many more, so this dream can go on…
As long as it will, I will offer you my works on this website.

I thank everybody of you out there for watching!

Sincerely yours,
Greeny Nightshade.